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Pre-puncture the portion packs or k-cups

Ever notice that your bag of chips from the store looks ready to pop? That’s because as vaccuum sealed items go up in elevation the air pressure and density inside the item stays the same, while the density and pressure outside the product decreases. This results in a build in pressure within the item such as the bag of chips or the k-cups.

What does all this mean to your Keurig?

The excess pressure could be too much when it is initially put into the Keurig machine and can result in damage after repeated use. So it is best practice to pre-puncture your k-cups prior to use.

Keurig recommends putting the k-cup into the k-cup chamber and pushing down slowly so that the k-cup is punctured by the exit needle. You could also, alternately poke the top with a pin or knife. 

Lower your brewing temperature

Not all Keurig brewers have this option, but if they do then it is best to adjust your temperature control to accomodate the best brewing temperatures. Some Keurig systems, such as the K2.0 have a specific ‘High Altitude’ setting.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado Springs or surrounding areas then you are most likely at or above 6,000 ft. If so, then water will probably boil at about 200 F or even lower. This means that if you have your Keurig set to boil at the standard 212 F for lower elevations that it will begin steaming rather than boiling.

It is ideal to purchase a Keurig machine that is adjustable if you live in the Colorado Springs or surrounding areas.