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The Benefits of Chia Seeds: History & Recipes

It’s strange but true, that novelty Chia Pet gift is now considered a nutritional super food. Chia seeds and their incredible ability to hold water make them a hydrating powerhouse with many other health benefits too. If you are looking to boost the benefits of your water, give Chia seeds a try. It might at first seem like a new and unusual food to you. But before you know it, chia could be a regular part of your diet.

Top Ten Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Doctors always emphasize the importance of drinking enough water, but few patients understand why. Is it to flush out toxins from the system? Assist in weight loss? Help relieve common health problems? There are plenty of articles out there extolling the benefits of drinking water, many of which make claims without sufficient evidence; and then there are the real reasons to drink water.

Can Drinking More Water Boost Your Brain’s Response Time?

If you search the Internet for information about drinking water, you may be surprised how much has been written about it. There are plenty of so-called “experts” out there dispensing advice about that magic number of water glasses we must each consume every day. But how many people actually keep track of it?

The Surprising Health Benefits of Water Consumption

Did you know that some people actually try to avoid drinking too much water? It’s true. They fear that consuming generous amounts of water will make weight loss more difficult. In reality, just the opposite is true. Water consumption actually assists in weight loss.

Water Delivery in Colorado Springs Can Help You Lose Weight

We’ve all heard the claims from the medical community about the benefits of drinking water, but most of them are aimed at maintaining a healthy complexion or improving bodily functions. While many nutritionists encourage more water consumption, it is not a hard and fast rule for weight loss – or is it?

Prevent Dehydration for a Safe and Healthy Summer

We’ve heard it all before, how water is crucial to good health. Most adults know that as much as 75% of the body’s weight is made up of water, but throughout the day we lose this water through perspiration, urination, even breathing. This is why it is critically important to continue replacing this water by drinking enough fluid.