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Keeping Colorado’s High Elevation in Mind During the Winter

Many people have rightfully noted that Colorado is something of a winter wonderland, especially due to the fact that we enjoy sunny days year-round. However, it is important not to forget to stay safe and healthy while enjoying the great outdoors.

Bikers have a unique set of challenges that must be address during wintertime. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the winter concerns that you’ll want to keep in mind when you are biking throughout Colorado.

Winter Related Issue One: Elevation

Elevation is a key health concern in Colorado. If you are new to the state, or are not very physically active, then it is vitally important that you take it easy at first. Whether biking or any other physical activity you’ll want to start slowly and build your way up.

If you aren’t accustomed to the elevation and if you fail to stay hydrated, biking in the Colorado Springs area can lead to altitude sickness. Altitude sickness usually occurs at elevations above 8,000 feet, but what a lot of people forget is that if they are biking and then hiking, this can quickly become an issue. Higher elevations, even if you don’t go above 8,000 feet, translate into a reduced level of air pressure as well as lower oxygen levels.

You may discover that you feel dizzy, suffer from an elevated heart rate, and experience a shortness of breath as well as nausea.

Realize that altitude sickness can be fatal. Stay hydrated and if you are biking alone, you’ll have to be even more careful and conscientious. It always makes sense to use good common sense. Even if you go on a spur of the moment bike trip by yourself, be sure that someone knows where you are. After all, on many bike trails, you can end up out of cellphone range.

Winter Related Issue Two: UV Rays and Higher Elevations

Colorado’s higher elevation also means that more UV rays reach your skin. If you are fair-skinned or plan on spending a good deal outdoors biking, then it is best to shade your head and neck, wear eye protection and opt for an effective sunscreen.

Yes, wearing sunscreen in the wintertime is just as important.

You will want to make certain that your sunblock is effective and your sunglasses block UVA and UVB rays. Inexpensive sunglasses can be extremely problematic, as they may not block UVA and UVB rays. The end result is that such inferior sunglasses may allow harmful UV rays into the eye and cause serious damage in the process.

So before you put venture into the great outdoors, be certain that you not only have your helmet, but also another hat that will protect your neck and head. Often bikers forget about what happens when they get off their bikes.

If you are biking to remote areas to enjoy the scenery, then realize that you will be removing your helmet, often for a prolonged period of time. That can mean sunburn due to the elevation.

Winter Related Issue Three: Staying Hydrated

Higher elevations mean you need to consume more fluids. The facts are that you lose higher levels of fluids when you go up in altitude. Many people don’t realize that they must increase their fluid intake for this reason.

When your body has less oxygen, substantial changes occur in your electrolytes and this factor, in turn, produces and imbalance between fluids and salts in your body. The simple fact is that in order to stay hydrated at higher elevations and avoid altitude sickness, you’ll want to be more diligent regarding hydration.

One of the single best ways to avoid altitude sickness is to stay properly hydrated.

If you exercise caution and remember to stay properly hydrated, then you will decrease your risk of experiencing altitude sickness.

In short there is a definite link between proper hydration and altitude sickness. Considering Colorado’s overall high level of elevation this is a factor that bikers and others enjoying the outdoors must keep in mind not just during the winter, but year round!

The Benefits of a Colorado Springs Bottled Water Delivery Company

Staying hydrated benefits your health in a variety of important ways.

Having healthy and pure bottled water on hand is a fantastic way to safeguard your health while biking during the winter months.

A great Colorado Springs bottled water delivery service can provide you with a consistent and pure supply of water. Purified bottle water makes life easier. For busy bikers on the go, purified bottled water is nothing short of a must. Whether it’s the office, at home or a water cooler delivery in the Colorado Springs area, it is worth it to choose a delivery company that has earned an excellent reputation.

So this winter when you head into the great outdoors, be sure that you also take plenty of water with you. The health and safety benefits of staying hydrated while biking, hiking or enjoying any other outdoor activity is difficult to overstate. Make drinking more water be part of your winter and yearlong health and safety plan. So stay hydrated and enjoy all that wonderful Colorado has to offer!