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You may be a little skeptical that something as simple as water has the power to heal your skin. Today, appearance is more important than ever, especially in such a technology and social media saturated society. The cosmetic and anti-aging industry continues to put out new “miracle” cures for wrinkles and blemishes, and Americans continue to buy them. Females are the largest consumer in the cosmetic industry; reports indicate that women spend over $426 billion on cosmetics per year. However, many experts in the field of skin health are suggesting that men and women may be overlooking the simplest skin treatment imaginable: purified drinking water.

Purified drinking water best hydrates skin because it is not compromised by the chemicals and toxins found in tap water. Water delivery companies that provide purified water may be providing you with a way to keep your skin looking and feeling younger. Review the information below to learn more about why purified water affects the overall health of your skin.

Having a Purified Water Delivered to Your Colorado Springs Home Can Improve Your Skin

Reason 1: Your Skin Is an Organ

Research indicates that about 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Surprisingly, you may not even know you are suffering from dehydration because you have unwittingly forced your body to accept dehydration as a norm. In such a fast-paced society, stopping to drink water is hardly at the forefront of your mind—but it needs to be. When your body is dehydrated, it begins to use every resource available to obtain the water needed for balanced concentration in your bloodstream. To do this, your body sucks the water from your largest organ: your skin.

When water is sucked from your tissues, you end up with dry, lifeless looking skin and sunken, tired eyes. Essentially, you look as if ten years has been added to your face. Water is absolutely necessary to maintain the healthy look of young, happy, elastic skin. Adding enough water to your drinking regimen may be difficult because, generally, your body sends hydration to other organs before it sends water to your skin. It is important to calculate how much water your body needs and then strive to reach that goal consistently. Otherwise, the water will be drained right out of your skin again. Purchasing a water cooler for your home may be the best way to access a constant source of pure water, lending your skin that healthy glow.

Reason 2: Your Skin Doesn’t Like Phosphates

When you are drinking the recommended number of servings of water each day, you are indirectly saying “no” to unhealthy alternatives like soda and sugary drinks. In essence, each time you pick up a bottle of water you are rejecting a can of pop or other unhealthy option.

Sodas, both diet and regular, contain a group of acids known as phosphates. Phosphates are used for preservation and flavor in pop. Many people do not realize that phosphoric acid is a cause of rapid aging (not to mention heart ailments, muscle loss, kidney trouble, and osteoporosis). Even more unnerving is the knowledge that many mainstream soda companies over the past twenty years have been adding larger amounts of phosphates to increase shelf life and add more flavor.

Drinking purified water as your main source of hydration helps you avoid the scary additives in sodas and other flavored drinks that may be accelerating your aging process. Therefore, water may be your best weapon against wrinkled or blemished skin.

Reason 3: A Means to Avoiding Blemishes

When you don’t drink enough water, your body is unable to flush out toxins and other nasty accumulations. This buildup of toxins is one of the primary causes of acne: the skin condition dreaded by adolescents and adults alike. Water is recommended as a treatment for acne by a large majority of dermatologists because they are aware of water’s healing properties when it comes to unhealthy skin. As mentioned above, drinks with high sugar and preservative content increase the likelihood that you’ll get blemishes such as acne. By drinking the recommended amount of water per day, you may find dealing with acne a far more manageable process. Keep in mind that clean, fresh water is the best way to flush toxins from your skin. Choosing a reliable Colorado Springs water delivery company is key when making the transition into a healthier lifestyle.

Reason 4: Your Skin Needs Nutrients

Water acts as a sort of transportation system within the body. As mentioned above, water carries toxins out of the body to create a healthier environment for your skin and other organs. Interestingly, water carries yet another transportation function of equal importance: processing, carrying, and delivering nutrients to your cells through a circuit known as the lymphatic system. These nutrients aid in softening out wrinkles, replenishing tired skin cells, and smoothing out your overall complexion.

Reason 5: Your Mental State Affects Your Appearance

Dehydration, even in the mildest state, causes psychological and chemical changes in your body that lead to mood swings, depression, irritability, confusion, anger, and chronic fatigue. All of these psychological states zap the energy from your body and cause your appearance to wither. The eyes and face have been called the “window of the soul.” This saying attests to the fact that when you are suffering from depression or fatigue, it really does show on your face. Dehydration may add years to your appearance by making you look listless, tired, pale, sickly, and disengaged.

These facts are startling; in fact, you may be wondering why you’ve never heard these statistics before. The fault may lie with industries and consumers both. Cosmetic industries, soda industries, and many other large industries may not make it well known that something so humble as water can have such an incredibly appearance-changing effect on your skin. Consumers may be at fault as well. You may want to make sure you’ve done your research before purchasing the next new cosmetic fad. You may find that something as inconspicuous as delicious purified water is as or more effective.