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Coffee is an integral part of almost every Colorado Springs workplace, and bean-to-cup coffee machines provide the perfect cup of joe. There’s nothing quite like grabbing a cup of java when you arrive at your desk in the morning. So, what’s the easiest way to make sure that employees get their caffeine fixes? A bean-to-cup coffee machine could be just what you’re looking for. 

There’s a plethora of office coffee makers and brewer options out there. Some smaller businesses and offices have a kettle in the kitchen. Others have a vending machine selling instant coffee. Many have a communal coffee pot. However, none of these options are very convenient or even very desirable. 

A kettle in the kitchen can present a hazard. Boiling water and employees in a hurry do not mix well. An instant coffee vending machine provides speed and convenience, but the coffee doesn’t taste great. Communal coffee pots often get dirty and don’t roast the best-tasting coffee. For these reasons, more workplaces are looking for a better way to give their employees great-tasting convenient coffee.

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine Convenience 

One of the top reasons to consider a coffee machine that offers bean-to-cup functionality is convenience. It’s the speediest way of making freshly ground, delicious coffee. The extraction and grinding are in a single machine, saving you a lot of space in your office. You won’t need several units working simultaneously to produce a cup of the good stuff. 

Instead, these fully automated machines heat up rapidly, grind the beans, and extract coffee to a café-ready standard. You won’t even need to worry about training staff on how to use these coffee making machines. Most bean-to-cup coffee makers are user-friendly and simple, so everyone can enjoy his or her favorite cup. Even better, cleaning couldn’t be easier, so there’s no need to worry about hygiene.

Time-Saving Solutions with a Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

Productivity in the workplace can take a serious hit when employees are always going out to get a caffeine fix. The coffee run can become an excuse for time-wasting. Popping to the local Colorado Springs Starbucks or Dutch Brothers can end up taking much longer than the average break time. 

A quality coffee machine in the office provides the answer to boosting your workplace productivity. Workers won’t be stuck in lines, and they won’t have to walk around the block to get delicious coffee. You can also set the machine to a wide range of tasty drinks. Therefore, everyone can get his or her favorite experience.

A Social Setting

One often-overlooked reason to invest in a quality coffee machine is the social element. Instead of going out to get coffee, staff members can congregate in the breakroom to get their caffeine fixes. Conversations around the machine can boost a positive office environment. Staff members can get to know each other and forge good working relationships. This fosters a more cooperative workplace.

Great-Tasting Coffee

A quality coffee machine produces delicious coffee. Unlike instant vending machines that use poor quality coffee, a bean-to-cup machine uses real coffee beans. They’re even freshly ground right there while you wait. There’s nothing quite like the rich flavor of freshly ground coffee beans. You can enjoy all that full flavor with every single cup. It’s quick and easy, too – you won’t wait for ages for your hot beverage.

Choosing A Coffee Machine Supplier

An office  coffee machine can only be as good as the company that supplies it. If you choose a poor quality supplier, you can’t expect great quality coffee. Your investment won’t be a good value for money. That’s why it’s important to do your research well when choosing the right Colorado Springs coffee distributor/supplier for you. 

Here at Clearly Colorado, we’re proud to be one of the leading coffee machine suppliers in Colorado Springs. We can equip your workplace with the very best coffee making equipment to ensure your complete satisfaction. When you need a bean-to-cup coffee machine you can rely on, we’re your number one local choice. You can depend on us to meet all your coffee supply needs and get your reliable caffeine fix every single day. It’s never been quicker, easier, or more affordable to enjoy delicious freshly ground coffee at work.

Contact us today and get brewing!

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