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Health Benefits of Drinking More Purified Water

While each and every person’s optimal level of hydration differs, the 8×8 rule is a good one to follow. Eight ounces of water eight times a day is easy to remember, though if you’re only used to two or three glasses a day then it can be a bit daunting. With a cool, filtered bottled dispenser at hand, adding a glass here and there through out the day is easy for the entire family.

Enjoying the great taste of bottled water has numerous benefits beyond quenching thirst. Water is an amazing aid to weight loss – a glass before eating fills you up and helps improve your metabolism. Drinking enough water through the day can greatly improve the look and feel of your skin, and staying on top of your hydration can have long time benefits for continual naturally glowing skin. One of the least known and fastest acting benefits of consuming water is for pain relief. A large glass of water can lessen or completely relieve both headache and joint pain!

Why Choose Colorado Springs Bottled Water Delivery?

There are no headaches involved with setting up your home bottled water delivery service either. A good Colorado Springs water delivery service can create a customized plan that suits the needs of your family and your life. Standard delivery schedules are either monthly or every two weeks but a customized plan is always available to meet your exact needs.

Once you have the bottles of refreshing water delivered to your home, just place them in convenient locations like the refrigerator or garage so that the family knows where to get a bottle when they need one.

Want to skip the bottles? Consider getting a point-of-use water dispenser installed in your home for improved “from the tap” water. Contact a Colorado Springs bottled water delivery company today to see how convenient, affordable and hassle free great tasting water can always be an arms reach away!