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The quality of the drinking water offered by Clearly Colorado is subjected to rigorous testing and far exceeds the quality standards set by the FDA. Beyond this the water they serve is compliant with all recommendations by the World Health Organization and the International Bottled Water Association. Their state of the art water purification systems give you the cleanest, purest drinking water you’ve ever tasted.

Thanks to their humble beginnings, customer satisfaction and dedication to providing a superior product Clearly Colorado has had rapid growth leading to an amazing company evolution. They have now expanded their operation to become a statewide distributor and expanding to surrounding areas. Their bottleless water filtration systems are delivered both nation and world wide. This company expansion speaks volumes about the quality of their family business approach to customer service.

Now let’s look at pricing. When you choose a local company in the Colorado Springs area over the national water delivery companies you will save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, over the course of your service. Other companies may change their billing prices but when you choose Clearly Colorado you have complete and total peace of mind that prices will not jump with their price for life guarantee. The savings never end with the best purified water and the best rates in town. Their drivers are non-commissioned so you also never have to worry about over delivery to their benefit. Another point of savings? When setting up your water delivery service at home or in your office you can choose to lease your equipment. This way all routine maintenance and repairs are taken care of by their skilled employees. After looking over your options it is clear why more and more people are starting their water delivery service with Clearly Colorado every day.