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An Ice Dispenser Can Be a Cool Addition to Your Office – If You Know What to Look For

A workplace ice dispenser may not seem like a big deal. But once you give your employees access to pure, refreshing, readily available ice, you’ll quickly see how much value fresh ice can add to their workdays.

An ice machine not only allows workers to enjoy a wide range of chilled beverages like iced tea, coffee, and water, this machine also can help companies encourage their employees to stay healthy and hydrated throughout the day.

Believe it or not, ice has been a hot commodity in the US since the 19th century. Read here about the fascinating history of ice in the US, and why we are still one of the largest consumers of ice in the world.

At Clearly Colorado, the Front Range’s premier office water delivery, coffee services, and breakroom equipment provider, we work with companies throughout Colorado to help them choose the right ice makers and other machines that make for happy offices and happier workers.

If you are thinking about purchasing or leasing an ice dispenser for your Colorado business, here are five things you should consider as you explore your options.

How Much Ice Will You Need from Your Ice Dispenser?

These handy machines come in several different sizes and capacities. An ice dispenser that may be well suited to a small office could be woefully inadequate for the needs of a large warehouse with scores of employees.

You need to get a sense of how much ice your workforce and your company will use. Figuring this out involves more than just counting the number of employees you have. Ask your workers about their average ice consumption. Consider the amount of ice you would use on the hottest and busiest days of the year and whether your physical workspace and the nature of the work your employees do will mean higher consumption than it would in other workplaces.

What Will You Be Using Ice For?

Chilling beverages: the most common use for ice in most workplaces. But think about any ice needs your company may have beyond that. Does the nature of your business, such as a medical practice or food service business, make having ice on demand necessary for other uses?

What Kind of Ice Do You Want?

The size and shape of the ice that comes out of an ice maker can vary based on the model you choose and the options the unit provides. In addition to cubes, dispensers can provide ice crushed, as chips, as flakes, and as cubelets, which are soft and chewable for those with sensitive teeth. Make sure you know what options a given dispenser offers. You may not think it, but people can be extremely particular about their ice!

Do You Have a Good Place for Your Dispenser?

Your ice dispenser will need sufficient space and drainage as well as the proper electrical setup. Make sure your breakroom or other location where you will install it satisfies the unit’s specifications, as well as any applicable building and safety codes. Your Colorado breakroom equipment provider can advise you and ensure your office is ready for the installation.

Should You Buy or Lease?

You have two main options regarding ownership of your ice machine: buying or leasing. Purchasing your machine outright means it’s yours to keep, but owning the dispenser also means it’s yours to clean, maintain, and service as well.

Leasing an ice machine, on the other hand, may give you more flexibility and peace of mind. The upfront costs will likely be less, and many leasing companies provide cleaning, maintenance, and repair services as part of their contract. If they can’t fix your ice dispenser if it breaks, they may just replace the unit; a much more attractive option than spending money on a brand-new unit.

Looking for an Office Ice Dispenser? Look to Clearly Colorado

At Clearly Colorado, we share a commitment to delivering the purest, highest quality ice, water, and dispensers available on the Front Range. We are passionate about customer service and have a well-earned reputation for dependability, consistency, and trustworthiness.

If you want to know more about your options for your Colorado business, please contact us today for a free quote.

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