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The Best Alternatives to Unfiltered Tap Water

Life; it used to be so much simpler, and not that long ago. When we were thirsty we would simply turn on the kitchen faucet, let it run until the water was nice and cold, then guzzle it down. No guilt, no worries, just a simple glass of tap water. Sure, it’s easy, cheap, and convenient – but is it safe?

How Much Water is Enough During a Workout?

Most people have it memorized and can recite that magic number: eight glasses of water a day.  This is what we’ve been told by countless media influences, as well as parents, nutritionists and personal trainers.  But is eight glasses the right amount for everyone? What about people who regularly workout?

Which Type of Bottled Water Are You Drinking?

A lot of bottled water brands are lumped into the same category – “spring water” – but that is no longer an accurate description. At the beginning of the bottled water phenomenon most of the popular water brands sold only mountain spring water; but as demand grew and pricing became more competitive, “purified drinking water” became more common.

How Does the Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Process Work?

As water purification technology improves, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest innovations. RO, or reverse osmosis, uses a semi-permeable membrane that uses applied pressure to overcome osmotic pressure. While not technically a filtration method, reverse osmosis removes many different types of ions and molecules from water and other liquids. It can be used in industrial processes as well as the purification of drinking water. The result of the selective RO process is that the membrane doesn’t allow large molecules or ions to pass to the pressurized side, but it does allow the pure solvent or water to enter.

Detox & Cleanse With Purified Water

The questionable contents of municipal tap water have been well established, leading millions of Americans to switch their drinking and cooking water to trustworthy filtered water.

Purchasing bulk quantities of bottled water can be inconvenient and the option of using filtered water delivery services has quickly gained popularity, but with our increasingly hectic schedules many families are looking for a more permanent in home solution.

Reverse osmosis systems for your Colorado home are cutting edge water filtration systems that provide clean, great tasting water for all your cooking and drinking needs!

Water Coolers – Filtered Water From Sleek Designs

Supplying your home or office with refreshing filtered bottled water is a choice that people are making every day. The quality of water dispensed from the in home or break room water coolers is vastly superior to what flows from your tap, offering great flavor and quality you can both see and taste. While office water coolers seem to fit within the break room decor and environment, some people shy away from the idea having one in their kitchen. There is the mistaken thought that all water coolers, crocks and stands have that uniform office look, but the water coolers of today are much sleeker and more stylish than in years past.